Come Dine With Me.


I have to admit at the moment I’m obsessed with watching Come Dine With Me. I’ve watched so much of it over the weekend I now have square eyes. There are some great cooks on it and I’ve definitely picked up some recipe ideas. But we all know the point of these programmes is to laugh at the people who think they can cook but really couldn’t boil water or the obnoxious knobs who make you want to hurl something at your TV. The commentator Dave Lamb is fantastic though and seems to say exactly what you’re thinking about the¬†contestants.¬†One guy last night didn’t seem to understand the difference between constructive criticism and being a tosser who was just playing up for the cameras. And he came in joint first- wtf??

I don’t think I’m a bad cook- I’ve gotten a lot more into it over the last few months. Originally I was going to be a Home Economics teacher actually but my life went a different route. I cook a lot for my family and myself. I love experimenting with different flavors- you don’t know unless you try do you? Food you cook yourself is always so much nicer than anything ready made or a take away. I’m trying to set up a dinner party with my friends at the moment but it impossible trying to get everyone together on the same night between babies, jobs and so on. I do make quite a good curry so if they want to sample that they’d better get their asses in gear.


Stop Messing With My Memories

Yesterday was such a miserable day. I spent the afternoon cooking dinner and as soon as that was finished I flopped on the couch flicking through the channels. As I flicked something caught my eye- Garfield, is that you?

Now before anyone thinks a seven year old is writing this let me just say I was a massive Garfield fan when I was younger and if I’m being really honest I still have the comic on my IGoogle page. I loved that lazy cat. When I was a kid I remember watching Garfield and Friends in the afternoons and the biggest treat in the world was getting a Garfield comic. My older cousin was also a fan and she had Garfield everything- I was very jealous.

Over the years of course I’ve grown out of cartoons and comics but yesterday due to total boredom and still slightly hungover I flicked onto what I thought was going to be a blast from that past. I was wrong.

What I found was an all new CGI Garfield, John and Odie. Don’t get me wrong CGI is amazing but what was wrong with the old cartoon? The voices were different and seemed all wrong, the friends were missing it just wasn’t the same. I’ve never seen the movies for the same reasons.

I understand that kids today are different they expect more than us and turn their noses up at anything that isn’t the latest computer animation but it made me feel a bit sad. I’m sure in some sort of vault somewhere lies all the classic cartoons we watched when we were younger. Are they destined never to see the light of day again or will they all be “improved” for the next generation.

I used to watch cartoons and wish I could draw (believe me I can’t). I think it’s such a fantastic talent to have and I really feel that there’s still a place for more “old-fashioned” cartoons that contain real animation- not just computer graphics.

I think in the future if I want to relive a childhood memory I’ll do it the safe way and find it on YouTube!