I’m Positive


Hello! Again apologies for being so slow to update but its been a busy time.

If you follow me on Twitter you will see that I quit the job. The relief was huge and has lasted. It all came to a head last Thursday. There was only so much bitching, pettiness and bad management I could take.  I was sick of working 6 days with no notice, of not getting a break and of being treated like crap.  In the end I was very calm about it, I didnt shout or make a scene but I stated my grievances and asked that my resignation be accepted immediately- then I skipped down the street. I’m not going to write down everything that lead up to it cos I wouldn’t make a lot of sense to anyone else but me but trust me, it was bad.

So now I’m jobless again but I am able to sleep and dont have that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach every morning when I wake up. Money wise I’d gotten some tax back the week before and I had been putting some money aside in case of this anyway. I should be hearing about an interview date later this morning and I’ve been in touch with some more agencies so I’m not too worried. In fact I’m less worried than I was when I was made redundant in February. I just have a good feeling about things. I know I did the right thing because I had a dream the other night that I had to go back and the terror that I felt at that thought was far worse than not having a job!

Apart from that Weight Watchers in going well. I’m keeping withing my allocated points and exercising. I’m off to Killarney next weekend with the girls for 2 of their 30th’s and looking forward to that. I just need to find something nice to wear.

It feels so much better being positive about things right now. A lot less draining.


Letting off Steam


Apologies in advance of for this moany sounding post but I’m venting a bit.

So I started the new job on Tuesday, I went in with as much as possible a pretty open mind and….it sucks. The job itself is OK but to be very honest I’ve moved on from it, the real problem is the company itself, what I’ve seen so far I really don’t like. It seems to be a few people “in charge” who are on power trips. Yes, I know that happens in a lot of places but this is pathetic little things.

My main problem is money (which is pants btw). Basically I was offered a “managerial position” but I’ve since found out that the money isn’t any different to what the others are getting paid. The main benefit is that I must leave my phone on while I’m off and take responsibility for things that happen when I’m not there. Go me! Also I asked before I started did I have to work a week in advance and was told no. Only to be informed when payday rolled around that in fact I did. Add to this fact that they have sent me for “training” and I use that word loosely, in a town about an hours drive from where I live (even though they have a location in my town) so I’m paying for petrol and parking and getting no expenses. There’s also been a lot of pettiness that I’ve seen already in regards to holidays, days off, breaks etc. I do understand that it cant be a free for all but a bit of flexibility makes for a much better atmosphere (in my view)

When I worked in this job before for a different company customer service was the most important aspect, we did plenty of courses in this and its been an asset to me as I’ve moved into a different career. Here in this job that doesn’t seem to matter and I’ve been a bit shocked by their attitude to things . By nature I’m a pretty polite person, I say please and thank you and I always try and bring this into my work. I do know I was a bit spoilt by the last company I worked for, this crowd could learn a lot from them about creating a good working environment (damn recession).

Now, I’m fully aware that some of these may sound like small things and that I wasn’t that excited about the job in the first place but you know sometimes when you get a gut feeling about things and it seems that my one for this was pretty right. I know it’s a job and in these tough times I should be grateful but. life’s too short to just be grateful

Anyway the only positive is that its spurred me on to get my ass in gear and get something better. When I wasn’t working I was getting a bit complacent but now I’m determined to get something better. I’m trawling the recruitment sites, getting back onto the agencies and determined to get my life back on trace.

Wish me luck!

Time For A Change


Well, some news to start off the week. I got a job! It’s great that I got it but it’s not ideal and  I’m going to keep looking for something I really want-some thing thats a challenge. That may sound ungrateful but this is a job that I did pretty much for 5 years thnn 3 years ago a much better opportunity came along that I took and loved  but the recession took care of that…. In some ways I feel that this is a massive step backwards and that makes me want to run a mile from it but logically I know it’s a job, it’s money and it doesn’t need to be forever.

What upset me though is I rang a friend who I used to work with and now I’ll be working for a rival. Instead of being pleased she shot me down about it, told me that someone else had gone for it and the money was crap blah blah blah and by the end of the call I felt awful. Instead of being encouraging and pleased for me – I haven’t had a job for 5 months she was the total opposite. However, I do know I need to go into it with an open mind but I can’t help but feel a bit worried.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. It’s my birthday tomorrow (28)and I’ve been feeling very reflective. I need to make some changes, I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. Sometimes I feel very obliged to other people and I think sometimes that holds me back. In some ways I’m hoping that this job whatever happens will be some sort of a springboard for me to make a bit of a difference to my life.

We’ll see anyway.


Don’t you just love red tape! As I have mentioned I’m out of work at the moment. Jobs aren’t too forthcoming in my area (Marketing, though I worked in retail management for 5 years as well) So in the meantime I have been thinking about going back to education. I have a diploma in management already but I don’t have a degree and to be very honest a lot of me regrets that.

So I went to the social welfare office today to see what the situation is and I can certainly qualify for Back to Education but as I have a Diploma I have to progress to a degree. In theory this is great but it seems I’m too late for this years entry and do I really want to wait another year?

A degree would be 3 years out of my life, 4 if I have to wait. Id be 31/32 then. I know I’d be that age anyway. Id would mean putting off a lot of things for a while- travel, buying a house but I can’t do that without a job.

Then I think of work. I had, I have to admit a really good job. It was a good company- a bit boring at times but really good experience. Commuting was a pain but apart from that it was alright. I made some great friends and travelled a bit, I did a good job but recession hit the company. I don’t know if I could get something like that again. The agency contacted me yesterday about a 6 month contract somewhere but I’m not getting my hopes up.

At this point though I just feel I want to do SOMETHING you know. I feel like my life isn’t going anywhere fast and I’m just looking for something to step it up a gear.

Well Here We Are


So I’ve tried the blog thing before and, well, I was a bit meh about the whole thing. But now due to unemployment (curses) and having a bit too much time on my hands I’ve decided to give the blogging world another chance- if I can figure out how to get up and running anyway. If nothing else I hope it feels like I’m actually talking to someone else and not just myself for a bit.

So stay tuned, I may not be the most exciting person in the world, or maybe I will, who knows we’ll just have to wait and see.