Check Your Volume


Why are some people so flipping loud?
Just to give you some background on me- by nature I’m a pretty quiet person, sometimes that can be mistaken for being odd (which I’m not really!). I am friendly though and polite. If I know you I’m a bit more outspoken but what it comes down to is that I don’t like talking for the sake of it, filling the air with empty words. I also seem to be able to manage my volume controls- others don’t seem to have that gift

So currently people that need to turn down the volume are:

  • Girl at the gym yesterday- save your oxygen for exercising.
  • Next door neighbour- what are you doing with your bins?  It’s a wheelie bin  for crying out loud. PS The Bins go out on Friday now, what are you dumping on a Sunday night.
  • Kids who hang around Tesco- get a life, get a hobby.
  • People walking home from a night out- OK you’re drunk we don’t all need to know about it.

There are more that will no doubt come up at a later stage but these are on my current hit list.

Edit: I knew there was another one. There’s an ice-cream van that drives around here all the time playing ” You are my Sunshine” Winter, Summer- doesn’t matter it’s out there. Someone pass me a baseball bat!

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