Time For A Change


Well, some news to start off the week. I got a job! It’s great that I got it but it’s not ideal and  I’m going to keep looking for something I really want-some thing thats a challenge. That may sound ungrateful but this is a job that I did pretty much for 5 years thnn 3 years ago a much better opportunity came along that I took and loved  but the recession took care of that…. In some ways I feel that this is a massive step backwards and that makes me want to run a mile from it but logically I know it’s a job, it’s money and it doesn’t need to be forever.

What upset me though is I rang a friend who I used to work with and now I’ll be working for a rival. Instead of being pleased she shot me down about it, told me that someone else had gone for it and the money was crap blah blah blah and by the end of the call I felt awful. Instead of being encouraging and pleased for me – I haven’t had a job for 5 months she was the total opposite. However, I do know I need to go into it with an open mind but I can’t help but feel a bit worried.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. It’s my birthday tomorrow (28)and I’ve been feeling very reflective. I need to make some changes, I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. Sometimes I feel very obliged to other people and I think sometimes that holds me back. In some ways I’m hoping that this job whatever happens will be some sort of a springboard for me to make a bit of a difference to my life.

We’ll see anyway.


Shop ’til you drop.


Whew, I’m pooped. Bit of a long day.
I had one of those nights sleep last night where you go to sleep fine but wake up with a start at 3am. I think I finally dropped off at about 5am and the binmen woke me what seemed like 5 minutes later but in real time was about 8.
I had to go to Closest City today, one of my friends is having a party tomorrow and I had nothing to wear. Now, I know everyone says that but in this case it’s true. I’m a bit in between sizes at the moment due to this diet and weightloss program I’ve undertaken- though not as inbetween as I’d like to be.
I was hoping to pick up a cheap dress in Pennys (Primark to you non- Irish readers) but no such luck. I know it’s a cheapy shop but sometimes you can get some real gems, not today though. I had a look in Awear and New Look (Jesus, New Look is gone crap!!) and eventually decided to go to shopping centre 2. My brother was with me suitably bored but, hey it was his choice to tag along.
At Shopping Centre 2 we grabbed a burger (no bun for me, I’ve turned into a no-carber) and I discovered Debenhams had 20% off everything, woo hoo. Eventually found a dress in Oasis that was originally marked €60, which I wouldn’t have paid but was down to €51 and with another 20% off didn’t seem too bad so sorted,a along with some accessories and undies I’m good to go. It was one of those days where I could have brought loads but I’ve a few things coming up in the next few weeks and I need to save a few cent.
Then after a short drive to Next Town West which is driving and parking HELL but where my bank is located to lodge some bill money, here I am at home along with sore feet a frayed temper and a bit less cash but having achieved my goal for today at least.
Is it too early to go to bed now????

PS This is the dress I got in case you want to see it .I like it and it looks OK on. I’ll probably wear it with opaques and heels. I’m hoping once I’ve lost a bit more weight I’m a bit more confident with dresses and skirts the way I used to be.