Clean and Tidy

cleaning supplies

Decided on a major clean up today- not that the place was filthy but needed to be done “properly” I delegated the bathroom to myself and regretted it approx. 2 mins in. I got into every nook and cranny but I now still stink of bleach and need to give myself a manicure cos my nails are shocking but have a sparkly bathroom so I guess that’s the trade off!

Going to make a sweeping generalisation here but boys do not clean as well as girls. They clean around things not under them and move things from one counter to another. Of course when I pointed this out P accused me of being bossy. Of course I am- bossy gets things done!

I just don’t want anyone saying we’ve left the place go now that my mum isn’t here. We all do our bit but sometimes you need to do a bit more. Now I’m off to have another shower cos I’m not going to bed stinking of Domestos. Yuk!


Driving Along


Slight drama this morning that I’ve been having a whinge about all day. Was coming home from the gym this morning, driving along when a JCB turned out onto a really narrow part. I had full right of way but he took up so much of the road I couldn’t move- I couldn’t reverse as there was a car right behind me and I couldn’t go forward. I beeped at him and waved frantically but he accidentally pressed a button in the cab and released the arm and scraped the side of my car. That sound of scraping metal is just, ugh

Anyway he hopped out, I was able to drive on and pull in. He admitted full liability, he asked me did I use K garage (which I do) and we exchanged numbers. The worst thing was I was standing at the side of the road in my gym clothes, greasy hair, still a bit red faced and a bit woofy while it seemed all my neighbours were going for a walk!

I took it to the garage (after a shower) and they told me it was going to be €350 to repair- I didn’t think it was that bad but the door needs to be sprayed and the bumper is damaged and as well as that it’s annoying me every time I look at it. I rang the guy and he was OK with it, he knows the garage anyway that’s all fine. My Dad however was humming and hawing over the cost, in the end I pointed out I wasn’t paying it and to be honest I think if this guy is so matey with the garage they’ll do it for a bit less.  It’s going to be fixed on Friday- it’s a pain but it could have been far worse I suppose.  It was just one of those things that was a pure accident, I’d never normally even be there at that time but I’d woken up early and went to the gym about an hour before I usually do.

That was all fine and really not that big a deal more and inconvenience, however I called to see my Aunt earlier and by the time I got there the rumour was that I’d been in a much more serious accident the – Gardaí were there blah blah blah WTF???? I hadn’t answered my mobile earlier and she was all in a flap. Why do people exaggerate so much, is there so little in their lives? Believe me, living round here sometimes is like living in a fishbowl. I don’t speak to some of the neighbours because of previous rubbernecking and gossiping incidents. If I want someone to know something I’ll tell them but people who stick their noses in without permission are liable to get them cut off!