Reccurring Dream.

I have a reccurring dream, I’m not sure how often but every few months. In this dream I’m back at school repeating my Leaving Cert and at the last minute I decide “Ah feckit, I’ve done it twice already I’m not doing it again” Then I take myself off to the principal and tell her my decision.
Thats always the gist of it, sometimes there are some subtle changes but not a lot.
What does it mean? Do I want to go and do my exams again? Well, no, I did quite well but I think I would definitely take the opportunity to go back and take a different course, one that I could stick to, not the one I desperately wanted and got but was nothing like I thought it would be.
At the moment I’m seriously thinking about going back to college but even if I did it doesn’t look like that could happen until next year at least and it’s a big commitment. Could I afford it? Do I want to commit X amount of years? What would I do?. Decisions, decisions but I have to do something with myself.