I was standing at the self service queue in Tesco this morning (behind someone who was taking forever to scan some grapes, but that’s another story). As I waited I overheard a young girl, aged between 8-10 from what I can see. She seemed to be talking to an older cousin or aunt and the gist of the conversation was that she was horrified that her companion had some Tesco Value products in her basket, in fact what she said exactly was “I hope no-one sees what’s in your basket, they’ll see the value stuff you have and throw coins at us cos they’ll think we’re poor”. The girls with her laughed and commented that what she was saying was a bit conceited to which the child replied “We never have stuff like that at home, we can afford better”

Now, part of me smiled but another part was a bit incredulous at what I was hearing. When I was that age I just knew that food came from the supermarket, the brand, be it Earl Grey or Lyons didn’t phase me. Just to prove her point the girl called her mother over who backed her up on only ever buying what they perceived to be quality goods. It honestly didn’t sound like a statement a child would come out with all by herself anyway so she was obviously repeating something she’s heard at home or from an adult.

Fair enough, each to their own. When I shop it tends to be a mix of brands from a mix of stores. I’m quite fussy about meat so that tends to come from the butchers. Veg a lot of the time comes from Lidl as I find that it’s a lot better quality, reasonably priced and lasts longer that what I’ve gotten elsewhere. I also buy cheese in Lidl as they have a better choice. I dont drink milk but at home we get the Tesco brand as they prefer it, likewise I don’t eat biscuits (at the moment) but we generally get the Tesco Rich Tea or Digestives, there isn’t a huge difference in taste and they are a lot better value.

People complain all the time about Rip Off Ireland, myself included but at least now there are options for those on less of a budget. I remember a few years ago in the town I live there were two supermarkets and both were owned by the same man- competition I think not. I’ve noticed with the recession that a lot more people are shopping in the likes of Lidl, Aldi etc as well because we’re more aware of what we’re spending these days.

When it comes down to it a lot (not all I know) of cheaper products are cheaper as they save on packing and advertising costs. As regards taste, that’s down to the individual. As far long as I’m concerned if I like it  I’ll buy it regardless of the brand and if someone looks in my basket and “throws me a coin because I’m poor” then I’ll add it to my holiday fund!!


Come Dine With Me.


I have to admit at the moment I’m obsessed with watching Come Dine With Me. I’ve watched so much of it over the weekend I now have square eyes. There are some great cooks on it and I’ve definitely picked up some recipe ideas. But we all know the point of these programmes is to laugh at the people who think they can cook but really couldn’t boil water or the obnoxious knobs who make you want to hurl something at your TV. The commentator Dave Lamb is fantastic though and seems to say exactly what you’re thinking about the contestants. One guy last night didn’t seem to understand the difference between constructive criticism and being a tosser who was just playing up for the cameras. And he came in joint first- wtf??

I don’t think I’m a bad cook- I’ve gotten a lot more into it over the last few months. Originally I was going to be a Home Economics teacher actually but my life went a different route. I cook a lot for my family and myself. I love experimenting with different flavors- you don’t know unless you try do you? Food you cook yourself is always so much nicer than anything ready made or a take away. I’m trying to set up a dinner party with my friends at the moment but it impossible trying to get everyone together on the same night between babies, jobs and so on. I do make quite a good curry so if they want to sample that they’d better get their asses in gear.