Gimme a Break!


Not a lot of time at the moment to update- sorry! Basically my life has revolved around trying to get another job. Where I am hasn’t improved, its deteriorating rapidly infact. I’ve never (including summer jobs etc.) had such a bad job. Between being messed around with pay, being spoken to like I’m a piece of rubbish, chronic Health and Safety issues and not having enough staff to cover days off so being told I HAVE to work six days you can kind of get the picture. Honestly I’m 28 with a college education, not 15 working in a summer job!!

I’m trying to develop an attitude of letting it roll off me. As I’ve said it’s a means to an end and I WILL get something else. I went out last Friday night with the last company I worked for (who are closing) and the difference was unbelievable. I know I was spoiled working there and theres bound to be a difference but believe me, there’s no comparison! I know I’m overqualified for the job I’m in now and they’re using the current job situation to their advantage and taking the pee out of me! Part of me feels like walking but the other part of me wants to wait til I know I have something else to tell them where to stick it!

So for the last few weeks I’ve been applying for any suitable jobs, I’ve also been onto the recruitment agencies. I should have an interview coming up shortly for a much more suitable job. I’m sick off applying for things and not getting responses. I know I’m qualified for these positions, it’s just so frustrating!

I’m also really missing not getting to the gym as much and finding it really hard to stick to my diet due to stress and not having enough time. I really need to get myself sorted and rectify that as well for my own sake- no more excuses.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


I love You Mum

Its not been the best of weeks so I haven’t had much of a chance to blog. I’m in a bit of a bad patch at the moment. Today is my Mums second anniversary. I know it’s just another day but it never gets easier, you just learn to live with it. It’s not like she was old (she was only 52), it was unexpected, I’m not going to go into details of what happened but believe me no nightmare I’ve ever had has matched that night.

It’s so unfair because we had really reached the point where we were friends, we fought when I was younger, silly things that I was to blame for in a lot of cases but we’d gotten past that. I miss her all the time, I think about her everyday.

Sometimes I hear people complain about their mothers and no doubt at times their complaints are justified but I can’t help thinking “Do you know how lucky you are, how much I’d give to have my Mum here”

Anyway there’s nothing I can do about it. The only positives I can say is that my Dad and I are a lot closer and during that awful time I found out who my friends are. Its also made me reassess what’s important in life. This year sucks but I’m alive and have lived through so much worse.

If you are lucky enough to have your parents- appreciate them, you never know how long you’ll have them