On Friday night I went to see a Medium. Believe me, its not the type of thing that I would normally do but my friend L had gone to see this woman a few months ago and found her excellent. She went to see her in Wexford but she was in Costa on holidays so I decided I might as well go cos I’d only be wondering otherwise.

I wasn’t too nervous about going til I was just about to go in. She was nice,  normal looking (not that I was expecting Mystic Meg!)- she just seemed like someone who was on her holidays. She took me into the apartment bedroom and explained what she did. At the start it seemed like none of what she was saying applied to me. She was getting strong grandmother spirits who were gentle souls- that is not a term that could have been applied to either of my grandmothers. She wasnt getting anything about my Mum, well not directly but there were a few things that applied to her. I told her why I was there and asked a few questions that she was able to answer. I didn’t get my hopes about it so I wasn’t too disappointed by what she was or wasn’t telling me. She did say about my Mum that she had gone too soon and was pretty accurate about exactly what was wrong with her.
Some parts were certainly accurate, she told me I had wanted to be a teacher and that I felt I wasn’t living up to my potential and I needed to do something about that. She saw me teaching but maybe not mainstream. That was accurate as I trained as an adult literacy tutor last year and would like to take that a bit further. She said that since December things had gotten very hard for me and that I was in a situation that I wasn’t happy with (work)

She said I wasn’t very interested in men and that I had a lot of issues within myself that I needed to work out before I could progress relationship wise. She also told me that I over analyzed everything and that was holding me back. She gave me a lot of names of people who were in my life which was a bit strange. Before I left I drew my “angel” cards and she saw a daughter in my future but again I’m taking that with a pinch of salt. She mentioned about eating for comfort, not necessarily with me (even though I know I do) but with someone around me.  She mentioned a  2 stone weigh tloss which WILL be me.

Personality wise I would say she was dead on. Regarding the spirits, yes there was some correct information, there was some bits that I didn’t have a clue about but thats OK. Would I go again? Probably not. I was curious, I wanted to see what it was like and now I’ve satisfied that curiosity.

Apart from that I’m still on the job hunt. I feel a bit better about things knowing that I’m being proactive about getting things sorted. I really do want to do a course in September but that’s proving difficult with this job as I wouldn’t be finished in time I do feel like I’m not living up to my potential and that’s spurring me on.

Diet wise I’ve been hitting a bit of a plateau so I’m doing a boot camp with some of the other IPDers. The only problem with that is that once I knew I was doing a boot camp I ate all around me over the weekend. I’m back on track now and giving the IPD another strict 2 weeks. If that doesn’t work I may join Littlemisswonders doing Unislim at home. I’m also doing to up my exercise again and  really aim to reach my Christmas goal.


Things can only….

Yes, its cheesy, yes it’s old but at the moment it’s what I need to hear!

A Picture Gives a Thousand Laughs

Was feeling a bit blah earlier and an online friend directed me to this website- Awkward Family Photos. I honestly can’t remember when I laughed so much. If you’re in need of cheering up or even if you’re in great form altogether get clicking. I promise it’s worth it.

It made me feel better about all those cringey photos I have hidden away never too see the light of day.

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I came across this yesterday and quite honestly think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. It’s a literal version of Bonnie Tyler’s eclipse of the heart- the weirdest and most OTT video in the world and it’s hilarious!

One of my friends and I are always making up our own versions of songs and I’m a bit upset we didn’t think of this (sulk). Nah, it’s too funny to sulk over. I really needed a laugh yesterday and certainly found it. There are other literal song versions on YouTube but I think this is the best.


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Wasting Time


If you have a few minutes to spare you might want to check out this game. Be warned, it’s incredibly irritating and addictive but it passes/wastes time.


I used to play it in work when we had some downtime and I’d totally forgotten about it until someone sent it to me in a link and I got sucked in again. Give yourself unlimited darts, hide it from your boss and please don’t blame me if you want to chuck your computer across the room (!)

Shuffle Your Music.

random music

I saw this idea on a website and decided to copy it here.Take your Ipod and shuffle it. What are the first ten songs that come up? Mine are….

  • Massive Attack- Protection
  • Missy Elliot- Hot Boyz
  • Nelly & Fergie- Party People
  • The Doors- Light My Fire
  • The Blueboy- Remember Me
  • The Cranberries- Salvation
  • The Eagles- Hotel California
  • Peaches- Diddle My Skittle
  • The Cure- Hungry Ghost
  • Madonna- This Used To Be My Playground

Definitely a random selection! So what are yours?

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