I was standing at the self service queue in Tesco this morning (behind someone who was taking forever to scan some grapes, but that’s another story). As I waited I overheard a young girl, aged between 8-10 from what I can see. She seemed to be talking to an older cousin or aunt and the gist of the conversation was that she was horrified that her companion had some Tesco Value products in her basket, in fact what she said exactly was “I hope no-one sees what’s in your basket, they’ll see the value stuff you have and throw coins at us cos they’ll think we’re poor”. The girls with her laughed and commented that what she was saying was a bit conceited to which the child replied “We never have stuff like that at home, we can afford better”

Now, part of me smiled but another part was a bit incredulous at what I was hearing. When I was that age I just knew that food came from the supermarket, the brand, be it Earl Grey or Lyons didn’t phase me. Just to prove her point the girl called her mother over who backed her up on only ever buying what they perceived to be quality goods. It honestly didn’t sound like a statement a child would come out with all by herself anyway so she was obviously repeating something she’s heard at home or from an adult.

Fair enough, each to their own. When I shop it tends to be a mix of brands from a mix of stores. I’m quite fussy about meat so that tends to come from the butchers. Veg a lot of the time comes from Lidl as I find that it’s a lot better quality, reasonably priced and lasts longer that what I’ve gotten elsewhere. I also buy cheese in Lidl as they have a better choice. I dont drink milk but at home we get the Tesco brand as they prefer it, likewise I don’t eat biscuits (at the moment) but we generally get the Tesco Rich Tea or Digestives, there isn’t a huge difference in taste and they are a lot better value.

People complain all the time about Rip Off Ireland, myself included but at least now there are options for those on less of a budget. I remember a few years ago in the town I live there were two supermarkets and both were owned by the same man- competition I think not. I’ve noticed with the recession that a lot more people are shopping in the likes of Lidl, Aldi etc as well because we’re more aware of what we’re spending these days.

When it comes down to it a lot (not all I know) of cheaper products are cheaper as they save on packing and advertising costs. As regards taste, that’s down to the individual. As far long as I’m concerned if I like it  I’ll buy it regardless of the brand and if someone looks in my basket and “throws me a coin because I’m poor” then I’ll add it to my holiday fund!!


Get To Work


Still a bit ho-hum about this new job but I cannot wait to start earning money again! Have so many things I need to get and really need to start saving up- I hate not having a rainy day fund. I’m also in a kind of “unemployed routine” that’s all very well on a temporary basis but I need to snap out of it before its too late.

I’m meant to be starting on Tuesday and my philosophy with the job now is just to go in with an open mind, do my best but keep looking for something else in my field with a bit more money (cos the money in this one is pants-pretty insulting really but more than the dole) and one that doesn’t involve working Saturdays. That may sound fickle and a bit “beggers can’t be choosers but it’s time to stop worrying what other people think and do what’s right for me.

I’m the type of person who’s always been really loyal to where I’ve worked- I worked in one place for 5 years and my last job I was there for 2 1/2 years and would have still been there now I’m sure if it wasn’t for the way the business was affected by the economy. It sucks that the company is gone now as such because it was such a great place to work, now more of my friends have lost their jobs in the last couple of weeks so I hope things work out for them as well.

Wherever I’ve worked I’ve always made friends, I know its not important for everyone to get along with their workmates and believe me there’s been a few along the line who I never want to see again but its nice to have someone to have a laugh and a chat (and a bitch) with. So who’s to say this new place won’t be any different. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Pound For Pound


I don’t want this blog to be totally about diet and weightloss but it’s part of my life at the moment so it’s on my mind. This morning I finally plucked up the courage to weigh myself at the gym. Put it this way it was what I expected- no worse though which is good. I’m not going to say what it is right now but I have realistically 2-2 1/2 stone to lose. I know it’s a lot but I can do it. I’m hoping to reach my target by Christmas.

I’m still sticking to the pig-to-twig plan although as I mentioned last post things took somewhat of a back seat with my birthday etc. I’m re-focused now though. I know with this diet the key is being prepared and that’s what I need to remember. It’s important to go for the healthier low-carb options as well. I’m also keeping up with the Couch to 5K programme and am on week 5 now. I’m just back from the gym and I managed to do the 5 mins run, 3mins walk  for the required 21 mins which I’m pleased about.

I’ve decided to get a Wii fit, my hope is that it will keep me focused (as well as being a bit of fun) From what I’ve seen of it I like it.

I also bought My Fitness Coach recently and if you have a Wii I highly reccommend it. It’s a bit like an exercise DVD but its much more tailored to the individual that a DVD would be. The exercises are good, pretty varied and at the end of a 30 minute workout you feel that you’ve worked. You can choose how long you have to workout, what area you want to focus on (cardio, flexibility, upper/lower body or yoga) It’s pretty simple to follow. My only criticism with the exercises is that I think they presume you know yoga when you begin, however there are tutorials available. Oh, and the music is pants but  just turned it off and play my own music on my laptop.

Anyway Im motivated, as I mentioned on Twitter yesterday I tried on a pair of pants yesterday that didnt fit me at all about 6 weeks ago. I would estimate that I’ve lost about a stone already. I does depress me that I let myself go so much over that last couple of years. I had a lot of stuff going on in my personal life but that’s no excuse really. I’m not going to dwell on that though, it’s time to move on.

I can do it, I’m just determined that this will be the last time I have to!

Song of The Week

This song never fails to make me happy. I love the violins, the drum beat and most of all the lyrics.
Hope you all have great weekends!

Quick Catch Up.

Been a bit lax with the blog lately so apologies. Well, had my birthday- 28 now. I had a lovely day and a great night out on Saturday with some newer but really good mates. Well I say night out, we started at 2pm and I rolled home at 3am. I was remarkably not hungover on Sunday (which when you think of it is slightly worrying)

I got some lovely presents, my Dad picked out a fab necklace for me (which I would have picked myself so that was ace) and the usual Dad present- money. My brother got me a Wii- which I wasn’t expecting at all, we dont normally go for big presents for birthdays but I was a thank you for a few other bits as well. Thanks P.

My friends must reckon I pong as I got plenty of perfume- I have quite the collection now, I need to get through them before they go off. I dont have one signature scent- I like to vary and with the collection I have now I could have a different smell for every occassion. I must take a picture when I think of it. Apart from that I’m still keeping up with the Couch to 5K programme at the gym, I’m on week 4 now so far so good. I also got My Fitness Coach for the Wii and it rocks. My diet went on the backburner what with my birthday and it was my Dads this week so I couldn’t not eat the cake (that would have been rude!!) but I’m back on track now.

I’m expecting to get a call about the new job next week regarding starting dates etc. Im still looking for something else but, yeah it will tide me over for now. I actually came across a job on recruit Ireland today that looked perfect and belonged to an agency that I’m registered with but when I rang them about it they were clueless, I’m going to try again tomorrow, I dont want to let it pass me by without even going for it.

I’ve a few other bits to tell you but my computer is on a bit of go slow tonight so I’ll have to leave it at that for now.

Time For A Change


Well, some news to start off the week. I got a job! It’s great that I got it but it’s not ideal and  I’m going to keep looking for something I really want-some thing thats a challenge. That may sound ungrateful but this is a job that I did pretty much for 5 years thnn 3 years ago a much better opportunity came along that I took and loved  but the recession took care of that…. In some ways I feel that this is a massive step backwards and that makes me want to run a mile from it but logically I know it’s a job, it’s money and it doesn’t need to be forever.

What upset me though is I rang a friend who I used to work with and now I’ll be working for a rival. Instead of being pleased she shot me down about it, told me that someone else had gone for it and the money was crap blah blah blah and by the end of the call I felt awful. Instead of being encouraging and pleased for me – I haven’t had a job for 5 months she was the total opposite. However, I do know I need to go into it with an open mind but I can’t help but feel a bit worried.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. It’s my birthday tomorrow (28)and I’ve been feeling very reflective. I need to make some changes, I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. Sometimes I feel very obliged to other people and I think sometimes that holds me back. In some ways I’m hoping that this job whatever happens will be some sort of a springboard for me to make a bit of a difference to my life.

We’ll see anyway.

A Picture Gives a Thousand Laughs

Was feeling a bit blah earlier and an online friend directed me to this website- Awkward Family Photos. I honestly can’t remember when I laughed so much. If you’re in need of cheering up or even if you’re in great form altogether get clicking. I promise it’s worth it.

It made me feel better about all those cringey photos I have hidden away never too see the light of day.

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