Letting off Steam


Apologies in advance of for this moany sounding post but I’m venting a bit.

So I started the new job on Tuesday, I went in with as much as possible a pretty open mind and….it sucks. The job itself is OK but to be very honest I’ve moved on from it, the real problem is the company itself, what I’ve seen so far I really don’t like. It seems to be a few people “in charge” who are on power trips. Yes, I know that happens in a lot of places but this is pathetic little things.

My main problem is money (which is pants btw). Basically I was offered a “managerial position” but I’ve since found out that the money isn’t any different to what the others are getting paid. The main benefit is that I must leave my phone on while I’m off and take responsibility for things that happen when I’m not there. Go me! Also I asked before I started did I have to work a week in advance and was told no. Only to be informed when payday rolled around that in fact I did. Add to this fact that they have sent me for “training” and I use that word loosely, in a town about an hours drive from where I live (even though they have a location in my town) so I’m paying for petrol and parking and getting no expenses. There’s also been a lot of pettiness that I’ve seen already in regards to holidays, days off, breaks etc. I do understand that it cant be a free for all but a bit of flexibility makes for a much better atmosphere (in my view)

When I worked in this job before for a different company customer service was the most important aspect, we did plenty of courses in this and its been an asset to me as I’ve moved into a different career. Here in this job that doesn’t seem to matter and I’ve been a bit shocked by their attitude to things . By nature I’m a pretty polite person, I say please and thank you and I always try and bring this into my work. I do know I was a bit spoilt by the last company I worked for, this crowd could learn a lot from them about creating a good working environment (damn recession).

Now, I’m fully aware that some of these may sound like small things and that I wasn’t that excited about the job in the first place but you know sometimes when you get a gut feeling about things and it seems that my one for this was pretty right. I know it’s a job and in these tough times I should be grateful but. life’s too short to just be grateful

Anyway the only positive is that its spurred me on to get my ass in gear and get something better. When I wasn’t working I was getting a bit complacent but now I’m determined to get something better. I’m trawling the recruitment sites, getting back onto the agencies and determined to get my life back on trace.

Wish me luck!


3 Responses to “Letting off Steam”

  1. littlemisswonders Says:

    You never know! you could be the person that improves the company!

  2. lilacglitter Says:

    Could be but I’m hoping they dont get the benefit of having me there for that long!

  3. littlemisswonders Says:

    Well then good luck searching…at least you have somewhere while you’re looking!

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