Time For A Change


Well, some news to start off the week. I got a job! It’s great that I got it but it’s not ideal and  I’m going to keep looking for something I really want-some thing thats a challenge. That may sound ungrateful but this is a job that I did pretty much for 5 years thnn 3 years ago a much better opportunity came along that I took and loved  but the recession took care of that…. In some ways I feel that this is a massive step backwards and that makes me want to run a mile from it but logically I know it’s a job, it’s money and it doesn’t need to be forever.

What upset me though is I rang a friend who I used to work with and now I’ll be working for a rival. Instead of being pleased she shot me down about it, told me that someone else had gone for it and the money was crap blah blah blah and by the end of the call I felt awful. Instead of being encouraging and pleased for me – I haven’t had a job for 5 months she was the total opposite. However, I do know I need to go into it with an open mind but I can’t help but feel a bit worried.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. It’s my birthday tomorrow (28)and I’ve been feeling very reflective. I need to make some changes, I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. Sometimes I feel very obliged to other people and I think sometimes that holds me back. In some ways I’m hoping that this job whatever happens will be some sort of a springboard for me to make a bit of a difference to my life.

We’ll see anyway.


3 Responses to “Time For A Change”

  1. glitterkitty Says:

    good for you! feck your mate.. so what if she knows someone else that went for it, the best candidate got the job
    and so what if the money is crap – anything is better than being on the dole! for your own sanity!
    and yeah.. this could be the start of a new chapter for you.. i hope so!

    • lilacglitter Says:

      Yep, you’re dead right GK. What do they say it’s easier to get a job when you’re in one and all that. I do need to start working again and this is a chance to get back out there.

  2. TimeTraveller Says:

    Well done in getting the job! Maybe your friend was trying to give you some advise but it came out the wrong way. Anyway, a change is a good thing, and like you say it doesn’t have to be forever … just make sure that if you’re not enjoying it you move on. Give it say 6 months or a year and review the situation.

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