A Picture Gives a Thousand Laughs

Was feeling a bit blah earlier and an online friend directed me to this website- Awkward Family Photos. I honestly can’t remember when I laughed so much. If you’re in need of cheering up or even if you’re in great form altogether get clicking. I promise it’s worth it.

It made me feel better about all those cringey photos I have hidden away never too see the light of day.

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Run Along Now


In a bid to increase my exercise I’ve started running- well jogging at the gym. For the past few months I’ve been avoiding the treadmill but recently it’s been beckoning to me and I can’t ignore it any longer.

When I was going to a different gym a few years ago I used to run every session but I got out of the habit. I think part of it is the fear that I’ll look stupid running or falling off the treadmill but at this stage- who cares? I feel like my weight loss has hit a bit of a plateau and I want to move past it. Also I feel like my gym routine is a bit pants and I need to do a bit more otherwise what’s the point?

I know a lot of the beaut.ie girls are seeing great results from their running group and I wish I lived closer so I could join but I’m too far away so I  guess I just gotta go it alone, ah well.

So last week I braved the treadmill, I did some online research and rather than just doing my own thing I’m going to follow the Cool Running Couch to 5k programme, I started properly on Saturday and didn’t collapse so I think I can handle it. Lets see what the results are.

Song of The Week

Been listening to this A LOT since the concert last week. I’d never heard it before that but when it came on live…wow!!

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Running Away With The Circus (I wish!)


So an update on the concert. It was absolutely ace! Even if you weren’t a fan it was such a great show and unlike Britney every song was sung live! Regarding the show- I don’t like the circus, in fact I hate clowns (really) but these were different clowns, hence the pic. If I could go again right now I’d be gone like a shot.

This was the second time I’d seen them, the last time in Manchester was great but this was a different experience altogether. They played all the old classics, including a rain sequence for Back for Good. They mixed in tracks from The Circus album which I’d already downloaded so I could sing along. The atmosphere was wonderful- the audience was 95% screaming women so we fitted right in. The best song was of course Never Forget which without sounding like a sap made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. My favourite, Howard was also looking great very easy on the eye…..

The Script were also great, I kind of liked them before but now I am a confirmed fan and have been listening to them non-stop the last few days. I even let out a little squeal when I saw them on BNTM on Monday.

The only slight bummers were that the sun was so strong at the start of the night that even though I had suncream on I ended up with a slight farmer tan (fetching!)and also when we left the stadium we asked a Guard for directions and he sent us totally the wrong way, thank God we were able to flag down a cab to get us back to the hotel-otherwise we’d still be walking.

I went with my friend C and her two work friends which was fine, I get on with these girls and we had a great time. The only thing that irritated me was that they talked pretty much non-stop about work and people they worked with. Ah hello-remember me???

One of C’s other friends was staying at the same hotel but we were separated at the concert. I don’t dislike this girl but we just don’t click, I find it very hard to have a conversation with her. It’s been like this ever since we were in school and I can’t see it improving. I just think you can’t be friends with everyone, I’m polite to her when I see her but I’m glad I don’t have to mix with her all the time.

Anyway we headed back early on Sunday- there was no point in hanging around as we weren’t shopping or anything. I was home in Costa by about 1:30 and flopped for the rest of the day.

There are some pictures on my Flickr link so feel free to have a look. I’ll try and post some more but it just takes so flipping long!

Have a Little Patience

Bag- Packed
Hair- Cut
Train Tickets- Sorted
Picking up my best mate C in the morning and we are off to Take That & Party. WOO HOO!!!!

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Don’t you just love red tape! As I have mentioned I’m out of work at the moment. Jobs aren’t too forthcoming in my area (Marketing, though I worked in retail management for 5 years as well) So in the meantime I have been thinking about going back to education. I have a diploma in management already but I don’t have a degree and to be very honest a lot of me regrets that.

So I went to the social welfare office today to see what the situation is and I can certainly qualify for Back to Education but as I have a Diploma I have to progress to a degree. In theory this is great but it seems I’m too late for this years entry and do I really want to wait another year?

A degree would be 3 years out of my life, 4 if I have to wait. Id be 31/32 then. I know I’d be that age anyway. Id would mean putting off a lot of things for a while- travel, buying a house but I can’t do that without a job.

Then I think of work. I had, I have to admit a really good job. It was a good company- a bit boring at times but really good experience. Commuting was a pain but apart from that it was alright. I made some great friends and travelled a bit, I did a good job but recession hit the company. I don’t know if I could get something like that again. The agency contacted me yesterday about a 6 month contract somewhere but I’m not getting my hopes up.

At this point though I just feel I want to do SOMETHING you know. I feel like my life isn’t going anywhere fast and I’m just looking for something to step it up a gear.

My Time


Over the last few months I’ve let things go with myself a little bit and I’m not feeling the best for it. I’ve always been a bit girlie- into make up etc but for some reason I just haven’t felt like it. Some of it’s been the weather- when its cold you’re so wrapped up that you think “Who’s going to see me?” . Some more of it has been to do with lack of confidence over the past couple of years and that’s what need to be changed

Things are changing though. My diet is going pretty well. There’s been a few slip ups so I’m re-reading the book and trying to make a few changes.  I’m losing weight, exercising taking vitamins and being pretty healthy.  I have more energy, I’m trying to make some future plans and I’m fed up of feeling blah about me! I’m planning to go shopping on Tuesday and pick up some new clothes and other bits, I’m getting my hair done on Friday, going to Take That on Saturday (yay) and I’m going to start looking after myself again, having pamper evenings starting tonight that I haven’t done for a while (facials, manicure, body scrubs etc) and just generally doing things for me. I’ve already started by having a clear out and I think that’s also helped to clear my mind out and focus me a bit.

I don’t think you need to wear make up all the time -if you’re just going to the shop for the paper who cares? This isn’t about vanity. I do think though that you have to work with what you have and make the best of it. I need to build up my confidence and be ready for what’s around the corner. I think its about time!