Sunshine Smiles

I’m normally much more of a winter person but I have to say it’s great to see the sun shining. I went for a walk earlier and everyone seemed to be smiling and in a good mood. When the weather is like this I realise how lucky I am to live by the sea and as much as some days I’d love to be somewhere else this will do pretty nicely for now!

When I was walking this song came on my Ipod, it’s a real summer song and one of my “makes me smile” songs. It always makes me want to have a bop around (which may cause some strange glances if you’re outside, oh well, who cares!)



Wish upon a star

I’ve been on an I WANT rant this week. Unfortunately I’ve had an expensive month and another couple coming up so even though its not anything too expensive I have to save. Also I’m in desperate need of some clothes seeing as mine are getting too big (YIPPEE!!)  On the other hand I do have a birthday coming up….hmmm

Punky Allsorts bracelets- so cute.

River Island Watch- I can’t link but its white and silver and lovely!

Sex and the City Boxset– I have the DVDs but they’ve been played so much they need to be replaced- plus the boxset is much cooler- and a pretty good price.

Truffle Shuffle retro t-shirts.

H&M. I love H&M and head there everytime I get to the UK- I know it’s a bit Hit & Miss (get it??) but I’m dying to have a look around and pick up a few summery bits. I can’t believe there isn’t one in Cork. I know there’s one in Limerick but it’s a bit too far to head on the off chance.

Well, I suppose this year I’ll actually have suggestions when I’m asked what I want for my birthday-not the usual “Ah Nothing really”.

Wasting Time


If you have a few minutes to spare you might want to check out this game. Be warned, it’s incredibly irritating and addictive but it passes/wastes time.


I used to play it in work when we had some downtime and I’d totally forgotten about it until someone sent it to me in a link and I got sucked in again. Give yourself unlimited darts, hide it from your boss and please don’t blame me if you want to chuck your computer across the room (!)

Driving Along


Slight drama this morning that I’ve been having a whinge about all day. Was coming home from the gym this morning, driving along when a JCB turned out onto a really narrow part. I had full right of way but he took up so much of the road I couldn’t move- I couldn’t reverse as there was a car right behind me and I couldn’t go forward. I beeped at him and waved frantically but he accidentally pressed a button in the cab and released the arm and scraped the side of my car. That sound of scraping metal is just, ugh

Anyway he hopped out, I was able to drive on and pull in. He admitted full liability, he asked me did I use K garage (which I do) and we exchanged numbers. The worst thing was I was standing at the side of the road in my gym clothes, greasy hair, still a bit red faced and a bit woofy while it seemed all my neighbours were going for a walk!

I took it to the garage (after a shower) and they told me it was going to be €350 to repair- I didn’t think it was that bad but the door needs to be sprayed and the bumper is damaged and as well as that it’s annoying me every time I look at it. I rang the guy and he was OK with it, he knows the garage anyway that’s all fine. My Dad however was humming and hawing over the cost, in the end I pointed out I wasn’t paying it and to be honest I think if this guy is so matey with the garage they’ll do it for a bit less.  It’s going to be fixed on Friday- it’s a pain but it could have been far worse I suppose.  It was just one of those things that was a pure accident, I’d never normally even be there at that time but I’d woken up early and went to the gym about an hour before I usually do.

That was all fine and really not that big a deal more and inconvenience, however I called to see my Aunt earlier and by the time I got there the rumour was that I’d been in a much more serious accident the – Gardaí were there blah blah blah WTF???? I hadn’t answered my mobile earlier and she was all in a flap. Why do people exaggerate so much, is there so little in their lives? Believe me, living round here sometimes is like living in a fishbowl. I don’t speak to some of the neighbours because of previous rubbernecking and gossiping incidents. If I want someone to know something I’ll tell them but people who stick their noses in without permission are liable to get them cut off!

Come Dine With Me.


I have to admit at the moment I’m obsessed with watching Come Dine With Me. I’ve watched so much of it over the weekend I now have square eyes. There are some great cooks on it and I’ve definitely picked up some recipe ideas. But we all know the point of these programmes is to laugh at the people who think they can cook but really couldn’t boil water or the obnoxious knobs who make you want to hurl something at your TV. The commentator Dave Lamb is fantastic though and seems to say exactly what you’re thinking about the contestants. One guy last night didn’t seem to understand the difference between constructive criticism and being a tosser who was just playing up for the cameras. And he came in joint first- wtf??

I don’t think I’m a bad cook- I’ve gotten a lot more into it over the last few months. Originally I was going to be a Home Economics teacher actually but my life went a different route. I cook a lot for my family and myself. I love experimenting with different flavors- you don’t know unless you try do you? Food you cook yourself is always so much nicer than anything ready made or a take away. I’m trying to set up a dinner party with my friends at the moment but it impossible trying to get everyone together on the same night between babies, jobs and so on. I do make quite a good curry so if they want to sample that they’d better get their asses in gear.

Song of the Week.

I’ve been listening to Peaches new CD all week and it’s really great which is why it’s no surprise that according to Last FM this is my most played song this week. I’m aware that she’s not to everyones taste but I think she has some fantastic songs. This is not the typical Peaches sound- it’s disco-ey and definitely seems inspired by I Feel Love but I think it really stands out and has me dancing around whenever I hear it.

Check Your Volume


Why are some people so flipping loud?
Just to give you some background on me- by nature I’m a pretty quiet person, sometimes that can be mistaken for being odd (which I’m not really!). I am friendly though and polite. If I know you I’m a bit more outspoken but what it comes down to is that I don’t like talking for the sake of it, filling the air with empty words. I also seem to be able to manage my volume controls- others don’t seem to have that gift

So currently people that need to turn down the volume are:

  • Girl at the gym yesterday- save your oxygen for exercising.
  • Next door neighbour- what are you doing with your bins?  It’s a wheelie bin  for crying out loud. PS The Bins go out on Friday now, what are you dumping on a Sunday night.
  • Kids who hang around Tesco- get a life, get a hobby.
  • People walking home from a night out- OK you’re drunk we don’t all need to know about it.

There are more that will no doubt come up at a later stage but these are on my current hit list.

Edit: I knew there was another one. There’s an ice-cream van that drives around here all the time playing ” You are my Sunshine” Winter, Summer- doesn’t matter it’s out there. Someone pass me a baseball bat!

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